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Sorry to hear that you're not completely satisfied with your Purchase. It's our commitment to tend to the quality of our training programs in a way that our clients are overly satisfied and that’s why we have a refund process in place to make sure we can do that.

Once we receive your Refund Request form, we will review the request and complete the Refund as long as you are within the Refund Guidelines.

Please note that we do not have a “No questions asked money back guarantee”. Our refund policy was designed to give assurance to our students that we back up the value of our products and trainings. We want to protect the integrity of our community, protect our Sales Partners.

Our refund policy was not created so that people could take advantage of an integrity based honor system system by buying our courses and then asking for refunds afterwards because although they had no issues with our course’s content and the value received, they simply are asking for a refund even though they logged in and got all the value they were looking for.

We do not operate that kind of refund policy and we do retain the right to ask questions about any and all refund requests, as this is an Information Product that has been delivered and logged into.

We have a big team of referral affiliates to honor and to keep our integrity with our partners we must honor our refund policy with no exceptions.

Ultimate Branding LLC products, courses, and programs have different refund policies. Please see the program below and how the refund policy applies.

Social Marketing & Recruiting Bootcamp – we offer a conditional “100% money back satisfaction guarantee” within 30 days. Meaning, if AFTER going through and completing 100% of modules in The Social Marketing & Recruiting Bootcamp, you’re not satisfied with the content and you don’t believe that the strategies and training inside this course, if applied have the potential to add value to your Business please share with us the details on this form below to request a refund. Fan Page Profits .

If you feel you are within these Refund Guidelines Please Complete this form.

If ANY fields are missing or incomplete the Refund will not be reviewed or issued.

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